Dr. Droxy Music ©

 1. Warm, Progressive, Uplifting Music.

 2. Subtle layered Composing.

 3. Feeling of Sun, Beach and Holidays.

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First CD Soft and dreamy music , ready to Chillout. One of a kind synth CD, with a long psybient end.


Second CD, Progressive Symphonic Electronic music. Bits and pieces of Wagner put in it.

Spiritual Path:

Third CD: Music between Psybient and New Age. Eazy dream music.


I am DROXY, owner of  Dr. Droxy Music. Producing compositions for more than 20 years. Inspired by Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Tiesto and Van Buuren.

Mainstreams in my music:  Balearic Trance and Psybient. Droxy-Trance is always warm, for a nice dance-party. Droxy-Chillout is electronic music to listen to and dream away on. Always collorfull, warm and trancending.                               

Greetings Droxy


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Fourth CD: This is a warm chillout-CD. Good melodic hits are put in it.

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IBIZA in a Trance:

Fifth CD: This is a strictly 130 bpm Balearic Trance CD. Warm, dreamy, very good for Parties.


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